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March 31, 2018

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Why Does Where Your Products Come from Matter?

February 11, 2019


When you purchase beauty products, you're doing it for the benefit of your external appearance. Have you ever considered how these products could also impact you internally, as in your morals and health? There are all kinds of beauty options available, and it's important to consider how your purchases are affecting the world around you as well as your body. This is why it matters where your products come from.


The Best Products are Better for the Environment


Environmentally friendly makeup is the way to go if you want to help the earth. There are all kinds of makeup that contain toxic chemicals or that are packaged in frivolous plastic. These unnecessary wrappings add up to harmful effects on this planet because of wasteful disposal. To fight against this, you want to make sure to purchase environmentally friendly makeup. However, being kind to the earth doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. In fact, you'll find that plenty of sustainable makeup brands are better quality than ones that aren't. Going Zero Waste explains, “there are so many options for people who want to cut down on their waste. Reducing your eliminating your plastic waste can make a large impact and can help you feel better about your consuming practices in the process!”


Superior Products Come from Naturally Grown Sources


If you're wondering what marks the difference between cheap and ineffective products and ones that actually last, it can usually be traced to where they were grown. Products that are grown indigenously have a much better chance of success. doTERRA works closely with farmers and distillers in different plants’ native locations because “the same plant grown in two locations will not yield the same levels of beneficial compounds in both locations. Plants thrive in their native regions and habitat. This does not mean they won’t grow in other places, but you cannot expect the same quality of plants from these two different locations. The soil organisms and nutrients, humidity, rainfall, sunlight hours, altitude, etc. all play a factor in the plant. And, ultimately, they play a part in the product that is made from that plant.” While it might cost a bit more, these products will show their value almost immediately. The transformation from soil to finished product is absolutely incredible. You can remember this each time you apply these products.


Communities Benefit from Ethically Sourced Products


The people who make your beauty products deserve to be treated right. While the executives of the companies might be living well, the same might not be said for those who are cultivating the plants or working in the factories. Cruelty Free Kitty explains, “if animal rights matter to you, make sure you're educated about which companies test on animals. It doesn't take much to discover this kind of information, and it can make you feel so much better about your purchasing habits.”

Your beauty products can say more about you than what kind of colors you like for your eyeshadow, lipstick, and other items. It can also say what you prioritize in terms of sustainable practices. If you've not given much thought to these issues in the past, now is the time to start seriously considering them. It doesn't