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March 31, 2018

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The Difference Between Botanicals And Pharmaceuticals

August 18, 2018



Part of taking good care of your body is knowing and understanding the substances that you put into it. This doesn’t just go for food; it goes for botanicals and pharmaceuticals, too.


Plant substances are the main ingredients used in all forms of medicines. There are green tea extracts derived from evergreen trees and morphine which is derived from the poppy plant. Every treatment has a different formula that has varying levels of safety and efficiency. As you look for effective medical treatments, learn about the most common differences between plant-based and chemical-based medications.



Botanicals are derived from plants and used in various medicines and dietary supplements. Herbal medicine is the use of plants to treat diseases and enhance health. Human groups from all over the world have used plants, such as kratom and hemp oil, in their medicines for thousands of years.


Compared to pharmaceuticals, botanicals are taken from natural sources. This means that the substances are not manufactured in factories or rarely combined with other chemicals. As a result, herbal medications have fewer side effects than artificially made drugs. Very few deaths and severe injuries are reported from people using herbal products. The manufacturers often mention the benefits of pure, natural ingredients in their advertising.



Pharmaceutical drugs are specially manufactured based on the science of pharmacology. These drugs consist of manmade or natural molecules that alter the functions of cells within the body. These drugs are used to treat the symptoms of diseases like cancer, heart disease or arthritis. Compared to herbal remedies, manufactured drugs are stronger and more effective at fighting certain diseases.


On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs are more dangerous to use than herbal treatments. These drugs are more likely to require prescriptions from doctors. There is more government regulation over prescription drugs, making them harder to obtain over the counter. However, common herbal remedies are sold over the counter and consist of base ingredients that must be mixed.


Which Is More Effective?

No type of medicine is more effective than the other. Just like herbalism has its shortcomings, traditional medicine has its flaws. Similarly, botanicals are less effective in treating severe diseases than chemical-based drugs are; however, pharmaceuticals are riskier to take and combine with other medications.


People have used plants in medicines for thousands of years and continue to do so. Most of today’s drugs have one or more ingredients that are derived from plants. However, most people are not certain about the differences between using plant sources and manufacturing chemicals in laboratories. It’s important to include the manufacture of drugs in your research of effective medical treatments.