Sweet Citrus

  • Scent: Orange Ginger with tones of Amber Spice
  • Recommended Usage: Daily
  • Ideal for: Skin Hydration, elasticity, sunburns, rash, itchy skin
  • Combine with: Soch Body Butter as needed

Healing and Hydration to soothe skin irritation


Made with nearly 70% aloe vera juice and natural oils, Soch Sweet Citrus Lotion is your daily dermal therapy for hydration, elasticity and skin irritations. Infused with orange ginger with tones of amber spice for skincare luxury. Rich oils deeply moisturize and help speed the healing process. While aloe vera soothes inflammations, takes the sting out of sunburns, and relieves itchy, rashy skin. Although Soch lotion can be used every day, we recommend alternating it with Soch Skin Conditioner or Body Butter, based on your skin needs.

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