Sweet Citrus

  • Scent: Orange Ginger with tones of Amber Spice
  • Recommended usage: Once weekly
  • Ideal for: Irritated, cracked skin. Adds elasticity
  • Combine with: Soch Lotion

Soothing Skin Repair in 1 to 2 weeks


Made with natural butters and oils, Soch Sweet Citrus Skin Conditioner  is a bi-weekly repair and blemish cream. Cooling and soothing, it delivers instant relief to irritated, cracked or flaky areas. Sweet Citrus Skin Conditioner is infused with orange ginger with tones of amber spice for skincare luxury. And because we replaced water with aloe vera juice, a little goes a long way. Ideal if you have dry, patchy skin and need to add elasticity, or reduce blemishes. Within 3-4 applications, you’ll see blemishes begin to fade. And skin rejuvenate in just 2-4 weeks.

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