Blooming Flowers

SKU: 19153800302
  • Scent: Jasmine essence
  • Recommended usage: Every night on clean skin
  • Ideal for: Irritated, cracked skin. Adds elasticity
  • Combine with: Soch Lotion during the day

Beeswax and Butter Balm to save Cracked Skin!


Mass-market lotions and hand cream not repairing your cracked and dry skin? Save the day with Soch Natural Rescue Balm. Combining beeswax, butter and tapioca flour (instead of alcohol), Rescue Balm calms and treats irritated skin. Infused with the delicate aroma of jasmine, Soch Blooming Flowers Rescue Balm is a natural miracle. You’ll see results with a single application; a tiny drop goes a long way. The slightly grainy texture penetrates your skin to let you know it is working. Perfect for everyone, especially people with skin crevices due to medical issues.



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