About Us

You are probably sick and tired of buying products that make wild claims about drastic changes but fall short. Due to these same frustrations, we decided to make a lot of our products at home with clean ingredients that provide the results we were looking for.

We ended up loving what we were doing and absolutely loved the results we were getting.  

Soch Natural was founded on the principal of eliminating unnecessary chemicals and ingredients from body care products, while still providing a consumer-friendly product. We truly believe that you will love our products as well. Every ingredient we use in our product goes to serve the specific purpose of deliver the best skin and hair care results you can imagine.

Note: At Soch Natural, we aim to deliver all natural products by minimizing the use of chemicals. However, ingredients such as preservatives and anti-fungal chemicals are included because safety is important.  We choose to be all natural but not anti-science.

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